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Linx Designed By LundbergDesign
Linx Designed By LundbergDesign


Ateljé Lyktan

Renowned designer Olle Lundberg introduces a sophisticated addition to ateljé Lyktan’s outdoor lighting collection with the unveiling of the Linx park luminaire. Crafted with a keen eye for modern aesthetics, Lundberg has seamlessly merged minimalist design principles with cutting-edge LED technology. The Linx luminaire is available in two versatile models – post and bollard – each incorporating the latest advancements in lighting.

In the post luminaire iteration, Linx features wide-beamed lenses, strategically designed to optimize light dispersion. Complemented by a high-tech film diffuser, this model ensures a well-diffused glow, avoiding any harsh glare. On the other hand, the bollard version offers indirect shaded light through a semi-diffuse reflector, contributing to a visually appealing ambiance.

Designed to enhance promenades and walkways, Linx excels in providing symmetric, well-shaded illumination. Its contemporary aesthetic seamlessly integrates with modern landscapes while also offering a striking contrast when placed amidst older, diverse architectural settings. Lundberg emphasizes the importance of preventing glare, stating, ”Because the eye is drawn toward light, it’s important that the luminaire doesn’t dazzle; the light must be there, but no glare.”

The Linx park luminaire not only meets the functional demands of outdoor spaces but also serves as a design element that adds a touch of sophistication and visual interest. Whether blending harmoniously with contemporary surroundings or creating captivating juxtapositions with historical architecture, Linx stands as a testament to Olle Lundberg’s commitment to both form and function in outdoor lighting design. Explore the seamless integration of modernity and technology with Linx, the latest innovation from ateljé Lyktan.

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