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Fotograf Mats Samuelsson

Kronoberg Buses


We are thrilled to unveil our latest project for Kronoberg! We’ve had the honor of designing the intricate motifs for Kronoberg’s buses, transforming each bus into a moving canvas that brings our green journey to life.

Each design captures the essence of traveling through Kronoberg’s diverse landscapes. Imagine the deep forests that suddenly give way to open fields, the seamless transition between bustling urban areas and serene countryside. Picture the iconic church towers that punctuate the horizon, even in the smallest villages, and buildings peeking through lush foliage.

Our bus motifs depict the sights and landmarks you’ll encounter on your journey through Kronoberg, blending the familiar with the abstract—just as a landscape appears when it swiftly passes by. Each trip offers a visual narrative of Kronoberg’s unique beauty.

Experience the green journey with Kronoberg and see our designs in motion.

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