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sj3000 Bombardier - Lundbergdesign

SJ 3000


The train’s appearance is founded on Scandinavian design. The concept is to create a contrast between a clean, stripped exterior and a warm, homelike interior. To strengthen the impression of an efficient machine, only one large SJ logotype adorns the polished surface. The polished stainless steel exterior is a stylish and smart choice. From an environmental point of view, we avoid unnecessary painting and thereby reduce both weight and energy consumption in operation. The SJ 3000 has an extra-wide carbody, which gives benefits such as a spacious interior and more room for seats and luggage. The train is easy to access for everyone, regardless of age or any disability. For example, there are wide, spacious vestibules, information in braille and a wheelchair lift at ground level.

Inside the train, the traveller meets a warm and welcoming environment. Colours and materials blend together in a harmonious unicity. The bright woods, the seating and the lighting amplify the feeling of space. Every single part of the interior, such as seats, lighting, luggage areas, digital screens and a mobile phone area, have been carefully designed to fulfil the unique user experience on the SJ 3000. In first class, a personal sphere has been created with a generous headrest that screens out sound and reduces the field of vision. The textile of the seat and the leather details give an exclusive impression. In second class, the colour scheme is slightly lighter and each seat has extra space for luggage. As a complement to the peaceful interior in the passenger compartments, the bistro combines the sober simplicity of Scandinavian design with the atmosphere of a bar in Barcelona with darker colours, vibrant colour accents, elegant lighting and service at the bar tables. The bistro has been designed in collaboration with Hareide Design. SJ 3000 was awarded with a Red Dot Award in March 2012.With its high design quality, SJ 3000 could inspire the international expert jury of the “red dot award: product design 2012”. It received the globally sought-after red dot for its fine design language in the category product design: transportation

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