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Atelje Lyktan Linx


Ateljé Lyktan

The luminarie Linx LundbergDesign’s latest Addition to Ateljé Lyktan’s outdoor lighting collection.

LundbergDesign has seamlessly integrated a new outdoor luminaire into Ateljé Lyktan’s product lineup with the introduction of Linx. Crafted around LED light sources, this fixture embodies a sleek design with a contemporary flair.

Linx effortlessly blends into modern landscapes while also creating captivating contrasts against older and varied architectural styles. ”Since the eye is drawn to light, it’s crucial that the luminaire doesn’t cause glare. The light should be present without being harsh,” explains Olle Lundberg.

Constructed with a housing and pole connection in cast aluminum, Linx features a dome made of clear, impact-resistant acrylic and an inner reflector coated in white lacquer. Equipped with wide-angle lenses to maximize dispersion and a cutting-edge film for light diffusion, this luminaire sets a new standard in outdoor lighting technology.

With its minimalist yet sophisticated design, Linx not only illuminates outdoor spaces but also enhances their aesthetic appeal. Whether accentuating contemporary urban environments or complementing traditional architectural settings, this versatile luminaire delivers both functionality and style.

Ateljé Lyktan’s commitment to innovation and LundbergDesign’s dedication to elegant design converge in Linx, offering a lighting solution that harmonizes with the surrounding environment while elevating the overall ambiance. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with Linx by Ateljé Lyktan.

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