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Atelje Lyktan Skipper
Atelje Lyktan Skipper


Ateljé Lyktan

Skipper, an award-winning luminaire, emerged from the innovative Personal Premium product development initiative at ateljé Lyktan, engaging all employees in the design process. Spearheaded by Olle Lundberg and his team, the luminaire series offers a diverse range of optimized light patterns, ensuring high-quality, energy-efficient illumination for various surfaces. Designed with functionality in mind, Skipper is suitable for roads, footpaths, and car parks, offering four distinct light patterns. The inclusion of a lit, translucent opal center section not only provides soft, diffuse light, adding character to the luminaire but also enhances visual ergonomics. This thoughtful design approach minimizes the risk of dazzle and reduces the perceived intensity of the downlight, creating an aesthetically pleasing and practical lighting solution. Skipper stands as a testament to ateljé Lyktan’s commitment to advancing product knowledge and design expertise within its workforce.

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