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Atelje Lyktan Mamba


Ateljé Lyktan

Experience Mamba by Ateljé Lyktan, the visionary pendant light fixture by acclaimed designer Olle Lundberg, offering an array of impressive features since its debut in 2011. This groundbreaking launch marked a milestone, seamlessly integrating a sleek design with state-of-the-art LED technology in a minimalist fashion.

Today, an updated iteration of Mamba is available, preserving its sleek silhouette while enhancing performance with an advanced driver. The customizable painted sides not only elevate its aesthetics but also empower users to tailor their Mamba to their unique preferences and surroundings.

Meticulously engineered to meet the specific lighting requirements of modern screens and tasks, Mamba is an ideal lighting solution for diverse public spaces such as offices, schools, and commercial areas.

Crafted from robust extruded aluminum, Mamba ensures longevity and durability, with optional side panels available in lacquered sheet metal or brass for added sophistication. This fusion of style and practicality exemplifies Mamba’s versatility, seamlessly integrating into any contemporary environment.

Moreover, Mamba’s enhanced performance not only enhances productivity but also contributes to a sustainable future, owing to its energy-efficient LED technology.

In summary, Mamba epitomizes the perfect synergy of innovation, style, and functionality, establishing a new standard for pendant lights and continuing to inspire and illuminate spaces worldwide.

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